1397273_10152033024339666_850160026_oI never thought life would drive me on this direction. After graduating from school I decided to enroll my life in web designing, after a few years I saw that wasn’t my destiny. Looking for other opportunities I finally realized what I was born to do…

“I am a Photographer”

It all started when my best friend Ivan asked me one day… Do you wanna be a photographer on a cruise ship? I thought about it and decided to give it a try… Now I can not imagine myself doing any thing else… After a few years working abroad, traveling the world ( over 30 countries) and shooting weddings on the most beautiful places on Earth I found my passion and the love of my life, my beautiful Brazilian wife, Sheila. Together we had the privilege to be part of the happiest day of couples around the world, met extraordinary people, made memories that will last a lifetime, and capture amazing moments.

Now, settled in India, after our son Noah was born, we are looking forward to shoot beautiful weddings in the most diversify nation in the world. Looking back at my life I wouldn’t change anything, cause every bit of it made me the photographer that I am today. And if you decide to hire us to be your wedding photographers we promise to deliver long lasting memories that will be cherished by you and future generations.

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  1. Utsav Vachharajani Reply

    I am looking for a Pre Wedding Photo shoot in Mumbai.
    Can you help me out with the same?

  2. Raj Reply

    I wanted to know if you also have videography for weddings.
    It would be appreciated if you could send a quotation for a 1 day Catholic wedding.

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