A Photoshoot of Firsts – Hriday – 1 Year old

A Photoshoot of Firsts – Hriday – 1 Year old

We titled this photo session A photoshoot of firsts because we were honored to capture some of Hriday’s first moments…his first steps, his first time at the beach, his first photoshoot, his first cake smash…

It was a great session and undeniably we create memories that will be cherished during their whole life, and even for us, we will never forget this little one, and how incredibly adorable he is.
The first time we talked to Vipula we were actually leaving from one of her friend’s photoshoot, she called us and everything was decided over one phone call, the date for the shoot, the theme, the location. We were impressed and amazed by her.
When they reached our home studio, Hriday just looked at us and smiled, and we automatically knew that we would have a blast during his session. He is so full of life and such a happy baby.
We started the shoot with some indoor pictures, lots of smiles and giggles spread around the room, his was posing for the camera like he knew what he was doing, mom and dad behind the camera jumping and singing made him laugh the whole time.
Hriday is a very lucky baby boy with two extremely loving parents, we could see in each picture the excitement and their love for him.
After some more indoor shots, we headed to the garden, where he gave his first steps in life, it was an amazing moment for everyone, he was so happy with his little feet at the ground and a smile so big that made everyone around amazed.
We finished his session at the beach with some heartwarming family pictures, it was his first time close to the ocean and he was excited about touching the water.
Thank you Vipula and Shree for sharing those special moments with us and we wish to this beautiful family many more years of love.

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