Rainbow Pregnancy – Nita & Ivan

Rainbow Pregnancy – Nita & Ivan

“After every storm comes a rainbow”

Nothing makes me happier than writing a few words about this amazing couple, about the resilience and strength they had shown me for years.
Few people know Nita’s real story, how she had gone through so many losses to finally be rewarded with the most amazing gift of all, bring life into this world… be a mom.

For a long time, they were hoping to become parents and when the day had finally arrived they could not be happier, she prepared a big surprise for Ivan to announce the pregnancy and for a little while life was perfect.

Nita was so excited about her pregnancy as it was a dream coming true for them…but on the next day she was woken in the night by intense stomach pains., struggle for breath and strong pressure on her belly. She was having an ectopic pregnancy, her fertilized egg attached itself somewhere outside the womb and began to grow what culminated in the heartbreak of her miscarriage and in a  very dangerous situation because this gestation could have been fatal for her, she lost one of her fallopian tubes in the process.

It was a very traumatic experience, losing her so loved and awaited baby, and she needed some time to process that terrible loss,  when she finally recovered from this pain, another ectopic pregnancy happened and she lost her second fallopian tube and any chance to conceive naturally again. They were devastated.

Even though she went through so much pain, she always kept her faith strong and the hope to become a mom.

After some time they decided to try IVF, a few painful and failed attempts happened to break their hearts but they still believed that something good would happen, and when they decided to give a last shot at getting pregnant, the day finally arrived, the storm was gone and a rainbow could be seen in the sky…she got pregnant and she is now the happiest person in the world.

Through it all, she had a few angels helping her sail through, Kian, Myra and Ethan shed some light in those hard days and brought joy to her life.

As the saying goes… “Not my DNA…But they have my heart”.

She never lost her hope and had always been so strong that I’m sure she will be an incredible mother.

..and, when you want something so much as they did, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

We are here extremely happy to be part of their story and to capture this special moment of their lives.

But this story is not over… part 2 is coming soon… stay tuned.

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