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Romantic Maternity Photoshoot – Renita + Francis

They know each other for their whole life, a childhood love that turns into a family, and to capture that special moment of their life, Renita and Francis chose us for a romantic Maternity Photoshoot.

You never understand life until it grows inside of you

Sandra C. Kassis

The dictionary defines Maternity as the quality or condition of being a mother but being pregnant is much more than that, it is one of the most enriching and amazing moments of a woman`s life, knowing that the miracle of life is being created inside your womb and that a new and exciting chapter of  life is about to start it is so soul-satisfying for the mom and dad to be that is impossible to describe it in perfect words.

For Renita and Francis this moment is about to start, the expectation and the countdown for them to meet their bundle of joy for the first time can be seen in their pictures and the happiness that they are feeling is so captivating that turned this photo session into a very special moment for us as well.

Thank you for choosing us to create those moments together with you two and we wish you a lifetime of joy with the new member of your family.

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