Brazilian Wedding Photographer in Mumbai-The big change

Brazilian Wedding Photographer in Mumbai-The big change

I will never hold back on my life because I would be afraid of making changes and that’s how I became a Brazilian Wedding Photographer in Mumbai…

 It’s a great deal to change your whole life to do what you love…That is how I feel every day about my own life.I moved from a very small town in Brazil to the huge and crowded Mumbai to follow my dream, bit scared at first, but as my mom always says: Go… and if it makes you scared… go anyway…I am a PHOTOGRAPHER… I love my work.

Brazilian Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

Started many years ago to capture the most amazing moments of happy couples around the world, those lovely expressions that we can glimpse in a second but can be captured forever, families coming together, the start of a new family. After marrying the man of my dreams, I moved to Mumbai to start my own family and our dream together. With the launch of our Wedding Photography Business, we had the privilege of being part of great moments, meet extraordinary people, celebrate special moments, been introduced to different religions and create cherished memories. Living in Mumbai with my lovely husband Amit and our son Noah, I can proudly say that I am an International Wedding Photographer and all my dreams became true.

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