Newborn Photo Session – Viara – 18 Days

And then the world became pink to Lavina and Pratish…

Viara has arrived and brought, as the meaning of her name, Faith, love and happiness to her family and everyone around her.

We start our friendship with this little princess when she was still inside Lavina’s womb.

During Lavina’s maternity shoot she was jumping around and letting us kmow that she was enjoying.

We met her for the first time when she was one week old and was love at first sight…

We started her photo session after her bath, she was comfortable, fed and ready for long hours of sleep, was one of the easiest newborn photo shoots we have ever done.

We moved her around, put her in baskets, changed headbands even put her in a hamcock, but she kept her paeceful sleep

A very touching and heartwarming black and white picture of mom Lavina and daughter Viara

And she carried her for nine months, was in labour for hours, couldn’t sleep for months and she came looking like her dad…

By the end of the photo session it was time for some family portraits, parents, grandparents, everyone celebrating the joy of having Viara in their lives.

We wish for this little bundle of joy happiness, health and love always around her.

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